[ODE] processing islands in different order

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Fri Aug 25 00:10:46 MST 2006

Thomas Yeh wrote:
> I am seeing the behavior that if islands are processed in a different
> order than the default ordering, the position data for the objects in the
> simulation are slightly different. I am using 0.5, and I generate all the
> islands before I start calling the stepper function.
> Can anyone explain this behavior? As far as I know, the islands'
> computations should all be independent right?

Do you mean that after many iterations (seconds), the result diverge?

That is to be expected.
As a matter of fact, simulations in ODE are not even reproducible
(at least not on x86)

Take e.g. test_basket from the ode tests... for me, sometimes
it is a miss, sometimes it scores a basket.


> thx
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