[ODE] Raycar: Now with player controller!

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Thu Aug 24 13:21:02 MST 2006

I just put up a new version of the "raycar" demo and the source code.

As you may recall, "raycar" uses a single body, with a box collider and 
four rays, to simulate a highly controllable "arcade feeling" race car.

It now also has a "player" that can walk around, as well as a typical 
indoors office-type building to walk around in, built using a capsule 
and a raycast.

It is my hope that this demo (and, most importantly, the source code) 
helps out with the common questions of "how do I create an actual 
driveable car in ODE, that doesn't flip over" and "how do I create a FPS 
player model inside ODE".



             / h+

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