[ODE] ODE on PS2 Linux

Daniel Punch punchenator at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 07:23:06 MST 2006

We are attempting to use the open dynamics physics engine on the ps2 to
handle physics for our car.

We have had no problems getting the latest version from SVN to compile, and
we have tested our code on the PC where it works fine. But run it on the
playstation and behold a mysterious crash.

Unfortunately we dont even get an error message, it just freezes.

Running it in gdb, and we manage to get an error stating "chunk_alloc
(ar_ptr=0x2ad3c664, nb=16392) at malloc.c:2979" , which we havent been able
to make sense of.

We are wondering if anyone has had any succes or similar issues with getting
ODE to work on the PS2

Any help would be appreciated ! i need to sleep !
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