[ODE] ODE world stepping + TOI based collision detection problem

Erwin Coumans erwin at erwincoumans.com
Wed Aug 23 23:45:33 MST 2006

It is fairly simple to integrate time-of-impact with ODE that brute-force 
steps to smallest time of impact. I did this a few years ago, and I will 
have to search for the small change. I will find the patch and give you an 
A more suble approach for continuous physics would require changes in island 
management. This is one of the reasons why I started the Bullet Physics 
Library. Its CCD is work in progress.

With a very minor change in code, you can let ODE integrate the position 
based on a fraction of the timestep (deltatime),
where the fraction is in interval [0..1]. Default is 1, which means it steps 
the full deltatime. This might be enough for you.


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