[ODE] vehicle, body seperate from geom

Chris M. czb182 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 23 16:39:07 MST 2006

Hello, I'm building a vehicle(4 wheels and body) and wish to have the body 
seperate.  Reason for this is that when I reference the vehicle( i use main 
body position) i wish for it to have a different center from where the 
actual vehicle is.  What I did was created the body, and move it up a bit.  
I then create the geom and use dGeomSetOffsetPosition to move the geom down 
the same amount, and forward a bit.

This seems simple, but my vehicle will simply slowly crash the simulation.  
If I take out the moving of the wheel geoms down, then it works fine.  Is 
there something against having a rotating wheel geom that is seperate from 
the body?

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