[ODE] Problem placing object exactly on ground

Jeff Kershner jeff at jeffkershner.com
Wed Aug 23 15:17:09 MST 2006

Hello All:


I have a script that places a sphere (radius = ~1.7 units) 2 units above the
ground.  When I run the simulation, ODE seems to work as the sphere falls
slightly and lands on what it thinks is the ground.  The problem is that the
sphere is hovering quite a bit above the ground.


The ground is created with dCreatePlane(0,0,1,0) and graphically represented
by grid_xy.osg.  There is no dBodyID associated with the ground.


The sphere is graphically positioned at (0, 0, 2)

Body ID for the sphere is positioned at (0, 0, 2)

Geom position is set at (0, 0, 2)

Radius for the geom is set the correct radius


This is what the problem looks like with x, y, z axes rendered to show the
true world origin:



I thought that maybe my sphere didn't have a pivot point in the center, or
the grid_xy.osg was not being rendered at the origin correctly.  So when I
turned off the physics engine and placed the sphere at (0, 0, 0), I get the
following (as I should):



The only thing I can think that might be going wrong is that I set up my
object incorrectly, or there is a unit problem between OSG and ODE.  


Any suggestions?

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