[ODE] Small build issues with ODE trunk

Jason Perkins starkos at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 07:11:31 MST 2006

> 1) testing.cpp is added to the project, but actually causes a
> double-defined symbol error. It should be removed from the project.

I am not seeing this error in VS2005. I can't simply remove
testing.cpp as it is used by test_ode; perhaps I can copy the
functions over. I don't know that we ever decided the fate of

> I also am seeing a behavior I didn't expect (and haven't noticed before,
> but it's likely not new). If I have a body in the world, with some
> geoms, and then decide to call dBodyDisable(), and remove the geoms from
> my world space, then the body will accelerate through the floor because
> of gravity, even though it is disabled!

This sure sounds like a bug. Could you add it to the SF.net bug tracker?


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