[ODE] Small build issues with ODE trunk

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Tue Aug 22 10:58:01 MST 2006

I recently checked out the ODE trunk and built in VS2005. There are two 
issues with the projects as checked in:

1) testing.cpp is added to the project, but actually causes a 
double-defined symbol error. It should be removed from the project.

2) The debug version of ode.lib/ode.dll/ode.pdb should be called 
oded.lib/oded.dll/oded.pdb. The reason for this is that the debug and 
release versions of MSVCRT are not compatible, so it makes no sense to 
switch between debug and release versions of ode.dll for the same 
executable; different names makes this explicit and avoids confusion.

I also am seeing a behavior I didn't expect (and haven't noticed before, 
but it's likely not new). If I have a body in the world, with some 
geoms, and then decide to call dBodyDisable(), and remove the geoms from 
my world space, then the body will accelerate through the floor because 
of gravity, even though it is disabled! I would assume a disabled body 
to just stick in place. The documentation states "disabled bodies are 
turned off and do not get updated during a simulation step" but this is 
obviously not true. Event after turning off gravity mode on the object, 
the body seems to move, because dxStepBody() is still called on it. This 
is when using dWorldQuickStep(); haven't checked the other step methods.

Opinions? I think this is a bug.


          / h+

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