[ODE] Improving Frame Rate of Visual

achaudhry achaudhry at ariworld.com
Tue Aug 22 08:00:47 MST 2006


i am trying to simulate a rope and as suggested am making it using cylinders
and connecting them with alternate fixed and ball&socket joints. 
The rope was working fine in ODE (as in visually rendering it using drawstuff).
The frame rate and the response was good enough. 

but while tyring to use my own Visual rendering code, the frame rate
drastically drops if i create the rope. The frame rate drops from arnd 22fps
to mere 3-4 fps. 

I am currently creating a 40 link rope. 

My world step is 0.02 .

Please suggest what should i do to improve the fame rate. 

PS: My visual rendering code is working fine with a large number of objects,
so improvement has to be done in the code i am writing based on ODE. 

Any help will be great.

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