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It's worth mentioning that, in practice, using the standing state as
your only gate to jumping is dangerous to consistency.  Depending on
terrain, whether you were in motion and bouncing a little when you
started, etc, your feet can lose contact faster in one circumstance
than another, resulting in differing jump heights.

Even ignoring that, I found that the window between jump initiation
and feet leaving the ground wasn't enough time to allow for much
difference between a quick tap short jump and a held high jump, and
felt a little funny until I almost doubled the valid "jump time."

... granted, this all depends on what sort of game you're making.  If
you're working on a platformer/action or semi-acrobatic FPS project,
these tweaks are useful.  If you're working on a game where the jump
is largely for show and needn't be incredibly responsive, this amount
of effort is largely wasted.

> An alternative is to set a flag in your simulation object, and apply the
> jumping force each frame until you lose contact with the ground, and
> then clear the flag.
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> Jeff Kershner wrote:
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> > Is this best achieved with adding a force in an upward direction?
> > Since forces are zeroed out each frame, how can I get a realistic jump
> > of a character?
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