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Mon Aug 21 09:45:59 MST 2006

You have to apply a force per-frame to achieve desirable jump control.
 Remember that it isn't just about an instant pulse force - a longer
hold on the jump button should jump higher, and the acceleration
should be semi-gradual rather than instant.

I use a downwards pushing ray repuslor (a ray that applies force per
frame) to stand my entities up and away from the ground, and I allow
that ray to penetrate the ground somewhat to assure stability of
stance.  I use that inter-penetration amount to control when the
player can or can't apply more jump force, and accelerate up to a max
allowed jump velocity by way of per-frame forces so long as that ray
remains penetrating.  You also want a max jump time timer to avoid the
case where a player "hovers" by applying just enough force to get off
the ground without leaving the range in which they can apply force.

On 8/21/06, Jeff Kershner <jeff at jeffkershner.com> wrote:
> Is this best achieved with adding a force in an upward direction?  Since
> forces are zeroed out each frame, how can I get a realistic jump of a
> character?
> Thanks,
> /jk
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