[ODE] Integrating ODE with Gamebryo

Tim Sorrells tsorrells at breakawayltd.com
Mon Aug 21 08:58:33 MST 2006

I'm integrating ODE into an engine based on Gamebryo.  I'm trying to use
Gamebryo's collision system and build the appropriate dContact structs
from info returned from the collision system.  There are a few problems
with this approach however.


First, the collision system I'm using doesn't provide a penetration
depth.  I've been fudging it by taking the distance an object traveled
last frame and dividing it by two.  Of course this doesn't work well
with collision due to rotation or with multiple collisions, one due to
linear velocity the other due to rotation, or any similar combination.
So I'm wondering if anyone has a better solution for this situation than
what I came up with.  If it helps I'm primarily colliding rectangular


Second, I've noticed some people talking about multiple collision
points.  Only one collision point will be generated for any two objects
no matter how many actual points of intersection there are.  Am I
correct in understanding that if, say two faces were to collide that ODE
would like a point on each corner, or is only one point OK?


Third, I'm avoiding the use of geoms as they only contain collision
data, and I'm using a separate system.  So I'm putting a 0 in the geomID
field for both colliding bodies in the dContact struct.  Is this OK, or
is this going to cause problems?  It didn't seem to me that for dynamics
simulation that you would need to know anything about the bodies.  This
assuming you had mass, center of mass, collision points, and
constraint/joint information filled out correctly.  So I'm hoping that
the geomIDs weren't really used here and were for utility purposes.

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