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Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Sat Aug 19 18:15:54 MST 2006

A capsule (or a smaller sphere), somewhat suspended on a ray, is 
typically what you use.

You can set gravity below the contact point for the capsule, to 
counter-act falling. You can also apply torque on the capsule to make it 
not fall over (manually, or through amotors).


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Christoph Beyer wrote:
> I hope this question is right in this thread:
> I am writing a game with indoor-levels.
> But i don't know how to integrate a player in ode's physics.
> Here what i tried:
> to use boxes for players:
> +  Setting the gravitypoint under the box makes a always-standing-up
> box, so the player is always upstanding.
> -  a box is not able to walk up stairs, or to walk over an 10cm high
> little box, it is only falling on the floor and again standing up.
> -  if the ground is not horizontal, the playerbox ( and so the main
> camera ) are standing aslant.
> to use a capsule:
> + the form is the best for a human player.
> + a capsule can go up stairs and walk over low boxes because it is round
> on the ends.
> - a capsule is always falling down, and if you every frame set the
> orientation to zero, it is certainly sliding on all grounds.
> to use a sphere:
> + this is the bes way for walking over stairs an little boxes
> + the orientation of a sphere is no problem, because it is total round ;-)
> - not all players have a form like a sphere ( i don't want to make only
> little round monsters ;-) )
> thanks for help!
> chris
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