[ODE] reentrant code?

Mathias Broxvall mathias.broxvall at gmail.com
Sat Aug 19 04:01:41 MST 2006


I'm currently using the ODE library together with some machine
learning techinques to evolve simple walking patterns for a 4 legged
body. Since this involves extramly long computation times i'm using a
multiple processor machine and was trying to use posix threads to run
different parallel ODE universes. Since i could not find any
information in the documentation or in the wiki if the library is
reentrant i decided to just try. However, this leads to a number of
assertion errors and faulty memory handling. Could someone please
confirm that ODE is not supposed to be reentrant or should this be
treated as a bug?


/ Mathias Broxvall

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