[ODE] Dem and Heightfield

Justin Couch justin at vlc.com.au
Fri Aug 18 09:20:52 MST 2006

Tristan McMillan wrote:

> However, my plan is to use vtterrains to generate the dem code needed
> just around my vehicle, which will be generated depending on the trucks
> movement.  
> Then I'll pass that code from vtterrain to ode which will do the
> collision management. 

So fixed sized area and you don't need to worry about curvature of the
earth means you shouldn't have any integration problems with
ODE then - you've picked the easiest to implement path. The only thing 
to remember is that DEMs, like all terrain formats, work from the bottom 
left, but ODE uses the center of the grid. Make sure you apply the 
appropriate offsets between graphics code, collision code and ODE and 
you should be fine.

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