[ODE] Fixed stepping

Bill Sellers wis at mac.com
Fri Aug 18 08:46:18 MST 2006

I'd agree that there's often a lot to do and hiding simulation steps  
isn't a good idea. Also if you have a system where there are no  
collisions (simulating a fixed mechanism for example, or a spaceship)  
is there actually a problem with changing the stepsize? Rather than  
spending a lot of effort changing the API all that needs to be done  
is better documentation and making sure there are good examples of  
how to do things properly...


On 18 Aug 2006, at 15:49, Megan Fox wrote:

> I would suggest not replacing the stepper function, as there remains a
> great deal of work that must be done per-step rather than
> per-batch-of-steps.
> As an example, I have "repulsors" in my code that apply force in the
> direction that they point.  These must be called per-frame.  I also
> have sensors that would very easily miss collisions if they were not
> allowed to process per-frame.  Never mind the problems that are likely
> if you don't call collide per-step.
>> I tend to agree that it should be an addition, rather than a
>> replacement, to the current steppers. This new hypothetical step
>> function would become the "official" method, used in the docs and all
>> the demos. This new function could skip the current steppers and call
>> the island processors directly (ie. dxQuickStepper) to avoid a little
>> overhead.
>> While the topic is being discussed, most users should not need to
>> choose a stepping function. We should pick one, and add a function
>> like dWorldSetStepMethod() to allow advanced users to change it if
>> necessary.
>> Jason
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