[ODE] Fixed stepping

Megan Fox shalinor at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 07:49:09 MST 2006

I would suggest not replacing the stepper function, as there remains a
great deal of work that must be done per-step rather than

As an example, I have "repulsors" in my code that apply force in the
direction that they point.  These must be called per-frame.  I also
have sensors that would very easily miss collisions if they were not
allowed to process per-frame.  Never mind the problems that are likely
if you don't call collide per-step.

> I tend to agree that it should be an addition, rather than a
> replacement, to the current steppers. This new hypothetical step
> function would become the "official" method, used in the docs and all
> the demos. This new function could skip the current steppers and call
> the island processors directly (ie. dxQuickStepper) to avoid a little
> overhead.
> While the topic is being discussed, most users should not need to
> choose a stepping function. We should pick one, and add a function
> like dWorldSetStepMethod() to allow advanced users to change it if
> necessary.
> Jason
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