[ODE] Variable step size (Was: Infinite sliding... ?)

Jason Perkins starkos at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 06:42:21 MST 2006

On 8/18/06, Jean de Largentaye <jean at largentaye.org> wrote:
> On a side note, I'm pretty damn wary of API changes. Can't we just
> make the stepsize a 'const' ?

What if we added a new call, like dWorldAdvance(world) (it is a shame
that dWorldStep is taken :p )  This will use as parameters
dWorldSetStepSize() and dWorldSetStepMethod() to set the fixed step
size (as suggested by David) and the stepper implementation (quick,
fast, etc.) The existing dWorld...Step() methods are left unchanged,
but are marked as deprecated and discouraged. We modify the wiki to
show a typical fixed stepsize simulation loop based on the new
functions, and change all the tests to use it.

This would a) make it more obvious that you should use a fixed step
size, b) hide the different steppers from newbies, c) open up some
possible optimization opportunities, and d) maybe rid the list of the
most commonly asked questions ;)

If Rodrigo can work his magic on the automake stuff, I would be
inclined to put this off for the next version and release 0.7 ASAP.
David's heightfields are enough for one release, IMHO.


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