[ODE] dJointGroupID use, bug?

Chris M. czb182 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 17 15:51:48 MST 2006

Hello, I've been running a simulation for a while now, when it suddenly 
stopped working.  I narrowed the problem to dJointCreateHinge2.  It would 
segfault on this command, which is really strange, because I didnt change 
any code relating to that.  The two arguments passed to it were valid, and 
it had been working a long time.  Well, I tried it at my home computer and 
it worked fine, puzzling me further.

To try and solve this problem I changed the second argument creation from 
dJointGroupID to dJointGroup, and this fixed the problem, and the simulation 
ran.  Well, I didnt like this, since I never need that change before.  I 
then decided to put it back as dJointGroupID, and added a 
"dJointCreateGroup(0)"  for that variable.  That also fixed the problem.

Any idea why suddenly on one computer, the code was no longer valid?  I 
looked at old code that I know worked, and it had the dJointGroupID, and 
used it in CreateHinge2 without doing a "dJointCreateGroup".  This just 
seems a little puzzling to me.

Chris M.

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