[ODE] Dem and Heightfield

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 17 06:06:51 MST 2006

> I was wondering if anyone has ever integrated DEM data with the
> dHeightfield class. As I'm trying to take .vrml data or .dem data from
> vtterrain and generate a heightfield of this?

I've not heard of DEM data before, however after reading a little
about it ( "Digital Elevation Model" ) - I don't see why you couldn't
use it. You'd have to convert the data into one of the following
supported formats and it'll work seeing as how it's a regularly spaced

unsigned char ( 8-bit )
short ( 16-bit signed )
float ( 32-bit )
double ( 64-bit )

I'm guessing you'd preallocate an array using the width and height and
then fill in the height value cells as you read the file.


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