[ODE] 0.6.1

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Thu Aug 17 02:01:16 MST 2006

Ok, the IRIX build with double-precision is working now.
The single precision build for IRIX with gcc shows a 
crashing test_cyl.
Also, the MipsPRO compiler shows an internal error.
But with these irix problems, I can live for a 0.6.1 release.

The X11 path issue is more serious. I think that should be
investigated before doing the next release.

What kind of noise can get into $x_includes, other than
XNONE ? We should investigate the origin of the x_includes
polution, instead of just scrapping the use of AC_PATH_X


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Jason Perkins wrote:
> On 8/16/06, David Walters <hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com> wrote:
>>Basically, I can't think of a reason why a 0.7 version shouldn't be
>>made at this time... It all really depends on how simple it is to
>>build it, but I think that your build system just involves someone
>>running the 'GO!' script and uploading the files doesn't it?
> Making a release is straightforward and should not be a limiting
> factor. Is everyone comfortable with the current state of the code? Is
> there anything that should be addressed first?

Hold the release for a while... I have some serious issues now:

- X11 include paths are not used on plain debian system, build fails
- Segm violation on test_cyl, test_basket
- dNormalize errors

I'm investigating right now.
I did change the _X violation in Ice, maybe it is related to this.

More info later,


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