[ODE] Physics Programmer

Karen Mirolli kmirolli at d-a-s.com
Wed Aug 16 06:48:33 MST 2006

Dynamic Animation Systems (DAS) in Fairfax, VA is looking for a Physics
Programmer.  This job entails high-level programming and development of
real-time physics simulation and collision detection functionality on top of
existing third-party libraries such as ODE and OPCODE. Experience with ODE
and OPCODE is desired. Day-to-day activities include tools support,
maintenance and expansion of existing API and feature set (including
ragdolls and vehicles), and expanding the feature set to include such
features as a destructible object system and cloth physics. Additionally,
proficiency coding in C++, efficient algorithm design, general problem
solving skills and math skills are also important requisites.  



Bachelor's degree in Physics, Math, or CS

Solid understanding of Newtonian rigid body physics

2+ years professional experience in real-time physics or collision detection


Please send resumes to kmirolli at d-a-s.com.




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