[ODE] ODE - thread safety

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Tue Aug 15 07:44:09 MST 2006

Mirko Radowitz wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a questions to ODE and thread safety. I read that ODE is not thread save, but for my application is that very important.
> So can someone tell me, why ODE is not threadsafe?
> And maybe someone can explain me how I can make it threadsafe, if it is possible at all?

Do you have multiple threads accessing ODE?
If not, you have no problem.
A thread for ODE, another thread for sound, another thread for rendering, 
that should work just fine.

Only if you want to have multiple threads accessing ode,
you will have a problem.

ODE functions may not be re-entrant.
This is, e.g. when ODE is using static data, or heap-data.
Re-entrant funcs typically should only use stack data, and
guard writing global data with semaphores, or mutexes.


> Many thanks for your help!
> Mirko

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