[ODE] Simulating with trimesh

henrikmo@idi.ntnu.no henrikmo at idi.ntnu.no
Mon Aug 14 07:38:23 MST 2006

I have no experience with ODE so please excuse the stupid questions.

I have loaded a .osg file and made a dTriMeshDataID with a call to
dGeomTriMeshDataBuildSimple with the corresponding inputs. I have called
dGeomTransformSetGeom(geomid,dCreateTriMesh(space, triid, 0, 0, 0)), but i
have no dBodyID for the.

Is dBodyID required? If so, how do I do it for the trimesh?
Is the dGeomID required for simulation since I am using OSG to draw?

The application is a glove controlled hand (several hinged boxes) which
should be able to interact with the world by pushing away and possibly
picking up different trimesh objects. Any tips? The hand should exist in
the simulation, but have no gravity and if it touches an object, as little
kinetic energy as possible should be transferred.

There might be many followup questions :)

Best regards
Henrik Gundersen

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