[ODE] How to make simulation look more realistic (fast, in look)?

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Sun Aug 13 18:13:44 MST 2006

It's up to you to tune your variables to look good. I would suggest 
starting with a gravity of -9.8, assuming you use meters for length and 
seconds for time, because that's a good approximation to earth gravity 
"g" (which varies in the 9.8 - 9.83 range depending on where you are).


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michael kapelko wrote:
> If I have gravity of -2.5 and step 0.05, simulation is really slow (not 
> in performance, but in look).
> If I make step equal to 0.5, all's incorrect. If I increase gravity 
> (-50), my wall crashes and nothing can really fly.
> And when I move player capsule with -2.5 gravity, it doesn't fall fast 
> enough on stairs, it hovers too much, because I apply force so that 
> player movement looks like in real games.
> So how to make simulation much faster? So that objects fall fast enough, 
> player moves fast enough and falls on all stairs when climbing down?
> Thanks.
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