[ODE] How to make simulation look more realistic (fast, in look)?

michael kapelko kornerr at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 06:39:08 MST 2006

If I don't use physics, how will the player be affected by physics then?
And it'll look more unreal when player moves fast and all the rest is 
slow. Actually, I almost achieved this, but I manually applied force in 
necessary direction... but it looked awful. Just like you're Neo in the 
Matrix - you're the only one fast enough in the world...
Yes, I think the problem is in parameters, but I don't know what numbers 
to set.
Does anyone know of such to get HL2 look? Yes, I tried mass, gravity, 
cfm and erp, but either it's slow and correct, or fast and incorrect.
Did anyone achieve realistic look in own apps? Then how?

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