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Sat Aug 12 10:42:00 MST 2006

Short answer - kind of.

You've got the point of collision, and so could manually create a
contact joint between the floor and the player that is tailored to
mimic the sort of collision friction you have in mind.  That said,
neither the ray nor the cylinder can create that joint for you (rays
don't collide that way, and cylinders/spheres experience friction as
torque) - so you'll need to do the math involved yourself.

You can also simulate air friction / "leg stopping power" / etc
yourself in processing done per physical frame, applying the stopping
forces as hand-constructed force vectors.  That's what I did.  In
retrospect, it was a retarded solution, and I should have used contact

On 8/12/06, michael kapelko <kornerr at gmail.com> wrote:
> I tried to do as h+ suggests to keep capsule stand, but all I got is
> jarring laying capsule :/
> So in this I stick with manual angle setting.
> Is it possible to set friction between ray and colliding object? I want
> a player to stop after moving for some time.
> Thanks.
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