[ODE] Upright capsule joint

Guru2012 mykonian at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 18:24:36 MST 2006

I noticed that there is an empty entry on the upright capsule HOWTO.

As of 0.6 stable, I also noticed that there has not been the addition of a
joint to maintain the upright capsule. I have a working joint implementation
that does just that, but I do not have the familiarity with Subversion (nor
do I even have Subversion installed, actually) to submit the patch myself.

So my request is more of a favor, which is for someone to submit the patch
for me. I would much appreciate it.


I posted this sometime last year, but since then it's slipped into obscurity
and it came back to me when I found out ODE had upgraded to 0.6. The code in
the file was written for 0.5 but works with 0.6 without any changes. Unless
this is already done and I'm missing something?

Using it is simple:

dJointID joint = dJointCreateNoRotation( world, jointGroup );
dJointAttach( joint, body );

There are no parameters to set as I've opted not to include any motors. In
retrospect, that may not have been the wisest.

I realize that everyone here's busy. Much thanks to anyone who can do this
fool a favor =P.

-Andrew Gu
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