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erwin@erwincoumans.com erwin at erwincoumans.com
Wed Aug 9 20:16:32 MST 2006

Adding Bullet Collision Detection to ODE is still planned for around 
September. The continuous queries (CCD/swept volumes etc) are available. 
I've been busy with SIGGRAPH, COLLADA and some trips. Don't worry about 
licenses, they are compatible (zlib is more liberal then BSD). Notice that 
OPCODE doesn't even have a named license and that is no issue either. 

There is an open source COLLADA physics import/export sample in Bullet 
downloads at http://bullet.sourceforge.net 

Thanks for the patience,


Jordi writes: 

> Some time ago, there were some messagues in this list about integrating bullet 
> into ODE.
> It is being started? How will the 2 projects syncronize in the future?
> Have you noticed that Bullet has zlib license? (I don't know if it can become 
> an issue) 
> If the integration with bullet is not near, what about COLLADA? 
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> Jordi Polo
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