[ODE] 2D

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 9 11:08:10 MST 2006

> > I've had a quick look at Plane2D and in the process I've successfully
> > integrated it into the latest ODE. Also "test_plane2d" seems to be
> > working... does anyone object to me to checking this into SVN at this
> > time ?
> Sounds good...go for it.

Right, I've checked that in - the new test_plane2d will need a project
file adding for it if you could please Jason. If anyone has any
compile problems please post here and i'll try and sort them out!

I hope this joint proves useful - Have you made any improvements to
this code Donald? I also hope that you don't have to rely on a custom
ODE any more! Thanks again for showing how good this feature is - I'm
tempted to have a go at making some kind of 2D game from this myself

I'm just going to add a quick little bit to the wiki to acknowledge
the existance of this feature - not sure if I've got time to write a
whole load of stuff about it and I'm not really qualified as I've
hardly spent any time with it yet.


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