[ODE] Creating a 2d wrapper class around the ODE lib

Vortex 2 vortex2 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 06:43:57 MST 2006

Yeah I didn't see much need for purely 2d collision primitives, however
would 2d collision primitives greatly increase the speed?

I really want to make an elastomania type game with this engine when I
evolve things a bit more. That should show off the use of ODE for 2d.

Besides joints and forces, is there anything else that people want to see?

I plan to write a 2d physics editor for creating xml physics files using c#
and managed DirectX. Then the class would be able to read the xml file and
setup the enviroment accordingly. It might sound a bit overboard, but for my
project it would save a ton of time :).

My last question is that, I know you can represent complex shapes by
combining collision primitives together inside of a space. Is there a common
way to do this?
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