[ODE] test_ode failures

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Wed Aug 9 01:07:13 MST 2006

Chris M. wrote:
> I was looking through gentoo's portage and saw they had an ebuild for 0.6.  
> They had one post regarding a failure in test_ode, this part:
>       testMassFunctions()
>          FAILED (1)
>          passed (2)
>         passed (3)
>         passed (4)
>         FAILED (5)
>>From what I remember this is "normal".  Just curious if this person concern 
> was valid.  Anybody on this mailing list keep check on ode in gentoo's 
> portage?

test_ode is a mysterious program for most.
It is all coded by Russ.

I'm really curious about the hard coded constants in this file, against
which the results are compared. How were they determined?

Anyways.... to make more functions pass the tests, all you need to
do is raise the tolerance.

Change line 45 to
const double tol = 1e-4;

Also, lower the tol for dDOUBLE.

We may want to make this change in svn, so that we stop
people from worrying about their builds.


PS: with the raised tolerance, the testMass nr 5 still fails for me.
Are the constants for the capsule valid?

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