[ODE] Creating a 2d wrapper class around the ODE lib

Vortex 2 vortex2 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 8 19:29:26 MST 2006

Hello everyone! I am new to this mailing list, but I am not new to ODE :).

My name is Donald May, and I wanted to inform you all that I have been
working on a 2d wrapper for the ODE framework for a project of mine, and I
am going to be making it open source when I am done :).

I had to implemented Plane2d into version 0.6 of the engine, which took
about an hour to fix all of the compile errors :). I would really like an
easier way to add custom joints in the future!

Currently the demo is written in the popcap framework version 1.2 , and it
supports rectangles/circles.

Here is a screenshot:


And here is a demo:


Current the engine supports:

A) Box/Circle collision primitives
B) Boundry collisions
C) A material system for different object properties (Can't really see this
in the demo until I add a UI).
D) AutoDisable system which when disabled expands the collision primitive to
prevent errors. (Not shown in demo)

Will be included shortly:

A) Rotational dampening
B) Velocity constraints
C) Forces
D) 2d joints (I am thinking about making some new ones of my own)

Let me know what you all think of it so far, and I will hopefully be able to
share my source in a few weeks :).

Thanks for reading!
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