[ODE] Fwd: Re: getting forces from ODE

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Tue Aug 8 10:20:29 MST 2006

For a G meter, I would remember the velocity of the aircraft the last 
step, and compare to the velocity this step; given the mass of the 
aircraft and the duration of the time step, the G force can easily be 


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Anders Olofsson wrote:
>> At 17:07 2006-08-07, you wrote:
>>> Also, I found this thread:
>>> http://q12.org/pipermail/ode/2006-May/018734.html
>>> But that one is very confusing....
>>> surely what happens here, is calculating acceleration, not
>>> forces?
> Yea.. Thats because I mix up force and acceleration all the time! :)
> Anyhow, think of the G meter in a jet aircraft.. Thats exactly what I use 
> that code for..
> But you also get the force (hmm or whatever..) in all three body axes.
> I'm satisfied with the result, values looks ok to me.
> cheers
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