[ODE] Problem with slider joint and dQuickStep

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Fri Aug 4 13:25:47 MST 2006


I'm was trying dWorldQuickStep and dWorldStep to see what is the speed
of the 2 stepper function.  I found the dWorldQuickstep stepper to be
unusable since the body A and B (see ascii figure below) start to
wobble. The other bodies are stable.

When I use dWorldStep there is no problem.

I don't know if anybody experienced this kind of problem with a slider.

I'm using revision 991 (out of svn less than a month ago so the patch 
for the
slider is included).

When I define or undefined dGYROSCOPIC there is no difference.

So do you have any hint of where should I look or what should I do.

Capital letters are bodies
Number are joints
G and A attached by Hinge at 1
A and B attached by Slider at 2
B and C attached by Ball at 3
F and C attached by Ball at 3 (There is 2 ball joints at 3)
C and D attached by Ball at 4
D and E attached by Hinge at 5
E and F attached by Ball at 6
E and G attached by Hinge at 7

                               B/    |   \
          G             A   2        |        \C           D
       +--------------+ /            |F           \     +-------+
       |           1/ |              |                \ |       |
       |              |              |                  |  4    |
       |              |              |      E           |       |
       |           7--|--------------6------------------|--5    |
       +--------------+				       +-------+

N.B. You can see the mechanism as the boom of a Wheel Loader where
      D is the bucket and G is the body of the Wheel Loader and
      A,B is the piston and C,F,E are different links.

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