[ODE] Rope Simulation

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Thu Aug 3 07:26:32 MST 2006

Add slider joints, and at run-time vary the Param High Stop?

A possible setup:


Use the balljoints for twisting in all dimensions.
Use sliders to pull the rope more tight, or more loose.

It would behave like a chain, where you can vary the chain length.


achaudhry wrote:
> hi, 
> I am trying to simulate an object hanging from a height, under gravity throug
> a rope. 
> as suggested, my rope now comprises of capped cylinders(capsule's) and for
> dropping the object down I am simply adding one more cylinder at the top end
> of the rope. 
> But since the cylinder has finite length, thus the hole rope drops down by the
> cylinders length at one single go, thus making the whole things look jerky. 
> currently i am using ball and socket joints for the rope connections. 
> can anyone suggest me ways to smothen the dropping of the rope, as well as for
> pulling the rope up. 
> P.Note:-In both cases the motion is jerky coz rope length changes by
> cyclinders length. and if i reduce the length of the cylinder, the rope is
> unable to take the weight of the object hanging by it, which is not too heavy
> but of reasonable mass. 
> Any help will be gr8. 
> thanks. 
> amber
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