[ODE] Collision Shapes - was : FPS Player physics

Michael Molkenthin molle at michael-molkenthin.de
Thu Aug 3 01:16:22 MST 2006

Hello Megan,

thankyou for you reply.

On Tue, 1 Aug 2006, Megan Fox wrote:
> Previous to being employed, I used a file format that defined
> positions and scales of geoms per actor, and that file was
> hand-written.  I did, however, have an in-game vis system for checking
> the position of the phys volumes, and the ability to move them in
> game, so what I would do is make .setpos calls to them through my
> console until they looked right, then alt-tab out of the application
> and write the values into the file.

cool, sounds like rock'n'roll.
But even this is paying off to get the collision physics more realistic.

> Now that I'm employed and have reason to right toolsets, we just
> export them from Maya.  We put a flag in the shape name ("PHYS_"), and
> the artists make sure to NOT clear history on the object if it needs
> to be a dynamic geom vs trimesh (because clearing history in Maya
> makes everything "just a mesh" and loses the data of what shape it
> started as).
> Works nicely, no complaints.
yes, the same in 3ds, not to clear the history-stack.
so you have made an own exporter-plugin?


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