[ODE] Architecture for a FPS

berk berk at yogurt.com.tr
Wed Aug 2 01:27:52 MST 2006


I'm trying to integrate ODE to a game engine, which is going to be used 
by a FPS. I created a capsule for the avatar, and he can walk on every 
kind of terrain without any problems.

Assuming that the avatar does not have any animations (he is like a 
moving statue), I would like to implement such a feature; when the 
avatar is hit from his hand, I'd like to call a function, lets say 
"functionH()", when he is hit from his torso, another function, lets say 
"functionT()", will be called. How can I use both capsule (for movement) 
and hit boxes (for 'regional hit's) for the same object?

I'm not quite sure about the whole architecture of such a system, so any 
ideas will be welcome :)

Berk Hulagu

Yogurt Bilgisayar Teknolojileri
Istanbul, Turkey

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