[ODE] universal binary for OS X?

Shamyl Zakariya shamyl at zakariya.net
Tue Aug 1 13:11:56 MST 2006

Has universal library building been added? ODE's the last dependancy  
for my project which isn't universal, and while I've read Apple's  
docs on manually building universal libs, it sure would be nice if  
ODE did it out of the box on OS X ( or at least offered it as a  
configure option )

shamyl at zakariya.net
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On Jul 5, 2006, at 4:49 PM, jon klein wrote:

> Aaron Geller wrote:
>> ... despite the fact that libode_a-obstack.o itself did build.
>> Before pressing on on my own I figured I'd ask the list: has anyone
>> done this successfully yet?  How important are the -M flags?
>> Is there a right way to do this?
> [ I think my original response to this got discarded, sorry if
>    this is a duplicate ]
> -M is used for dependancy tracking but should not be important
> to the actual compile.
> To disable the dependency tracking, rerun the configure script
> with this option: --disable-dependency-tracking .
> - jon klein
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