[ODE] dsStop() and resume causes spheres not being rendered - Batching Simulations with Drawstuff

Alex Green alexg at acfr.usyd.edu.au
Tue Aug 1 00:19:06 MST 2006

Thanks for the lead, (it is "test_joints.cpp").
This does a dWorldDestroy() at the end of each test. And sets up the ODE 
sim at the start of each test.
The workaround I used was to create a batch state machine and store the 
state in global values. I then pass batchloop() instead of simloop() and 
never kill the sim.

ODE is independent of Drawstuff, so why should starting/stopping drawstuff 
affect the sim or vice versa. If anyone knows how let the list know!

On a final note I like Drawstuff. For applications like PhD work it is 
everything I need and nothing I don't...

Cheers -alex

Jason Perkins wrote:
> On 7/28/06, Alex Green <alexg at acfr.usyd.edu.au> wrote:
>> 1. Loop my simulationLoop() until the calculations are done (no 
>> graphics).
>> 2. Call dsSimulationLoop() with my simLoop as an argument, the graphics
>> spring up and a summary of my result is shown for an eyeball check.
>> 3. Call dsStop()
>> 4. Change the parameters, run my sim (1.), display (2.), etc, etc.
> Not sure what the problem could be. Drawstuff is really only intended
> for simple demo applications and has probably never been tested
> outside of that simple domain. However, you might want to look at the
> test_hinge application, which tests different body/joints in a variety
> of combinations, to see how it resets the scene between
> configurations.
> Jason

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