[ODE] Problems with CVS/Unstable

Jaroslav Sinecky jsinecky at tiscali.cz
Thu Sep 29 13:08:38 MST 2005

AFAIK, setting joint parameteres (dJointSetXXXParam - lo/hi stops, erp, cfm
etc) before attaching bodies works without problem, but all other joint set
functions (usualy working with relative body positions) obviously need to
have bodies attached. So calling amotorSetEulerReferenceVectors without
having at least fist body attached is wrong usage.


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> > - In amotorSetEulerReferenceVectors, joint.cpp:2378, a line is
> commented
> > out that checks if the aMotor has an associated body. This
> means you get
> > a segfault if you do a dJointSetAMotorMode before attaching the
> joint to
> >  a body/bodies.
> As far as I understand, in ODE it's however illegal to set up joint
> parameters before the joint is attached to its bodies. Can anyone
> confirm this?
> If so, then it's probably better to get a segfault than a silent error.
> Tanguy
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