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Peter Honeder peter.honeder at hlw.co.at
Wed Sep 28 22:05:03 MST 2005


If you experience such problems you should try to have the same code 
generation settings both for ODE and your application.
e.g. if you application is multi-threaded *DLL* than ODE should be multi 
threaded DLL too, if it is only single threaded, or only multi threaded 
without the *DLL* then windows uses different heaps and free calls will 
fail permanently.

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Peter Honeder

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ode-request at q12.org wrote:
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> Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 11:24:32 +1200
> From: "Ryan O'Connor" <ryan at pcsoftware.co.nz>
> Subject: [ODE] dGeomSetBody
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> Hi. Whenever I use dGeomSetBody, MSVC++7 breaks into dbgheap.c with this
> error:
> Unhandled exception at 0x7c901230 in AR_Example_Models.exe: User breakpoint.
> If I look at the call stack I can see dGeomSetBody was called, then dFree()
> which uses free() in windows.
> I think it's some problem with my application's heap. Would this be because
> I'm calling wrapper functions inside a dll that's dynamically linked?
> The problematic code is as follows:
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