[ODE] Problems with CVS/Unstable

Peter Kyme pk at dneg.com
Wed Sep 28 19:36:12 MST 2005

I've just been trying to update my code to work with ODE unstable from 
CVS, from using a patched version of ODE 0.5. I've encountered the 
following problems.

- The new dRandInt seems to cause stability problems in certain 
situations. I've specifically noticed a problem where an aMotor attached 
to a ball joint will become extremely unstable when a high value for max 
force is given. This problem disappears entirely if I revert dRandInt to 
the old version.

- The dEpsilon configurator.c patch applied a couple of months ago was 
applied to MAIN, but not UNSTABLE where it's needed.

- In amotorSetEulerReferenceVectors, joint.cpp:2378, a line is commented 
out that checks if the aMotor has an associated body. This means you get 
a segfault if you do a dJointSetAMotorMode before attaching the joint to 
  a body/bodies.

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