[ODE] Static memory in the dxTriMesh class.

David Walters hidden_asbestos at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 23 12:14:50 MST 2005

Hi, apologies if this has been discussed before.

My memory manager was reporting a 'leak' within ODE after adding tri-mesh 
geoms to my scene. I tracked it down to the static members of dxTriMesh in 
'collision_tri_mesh_internal'. These members are: _PlanesCollider, 
_SphereCollider, _OBBCollider, _RayCollider, _AABBTreeCollider and 

Would it be a reasonable feature request for this data to be deallocated if 
'dCloseODE' is called?

Also, what are the bounds for size of this data? will it slowly grow over 
the lifetime of the application or does it hit a peak value?

David Walters.

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