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Thu Sep 22 21:52:09 MST 2005

Hi Martin,

The both videos represent a visually valid bipedal
motion. The first is a motion capture sequence, the
second is based on a motion capture sequence. To this
I ask, "Has Shakespeares plays been written by
Shakespeare or a man calling himself Shakespeare?".

Do investigate the reference, it will do you good in
understanding the difference.


--- Marcus Brubaker <aurelius.marcus at rogers.com>

> jnilson_99 at yahoo.com wrote:
> >Hi Martin,
> >
> >You might want to talk to Jason Malios,
> >jmallios at cs.brown.edu , who has tried to do a
> similar
> >thing. That is take key frame data and mix it with
> >physics based inverse kinimetics (ode). Search his
> >name on the pipermail usergroup for ode.
> >
> >As far as your basic question, which is, can a
> physics
> >engine model human movement, well much has been
> >written about that :-).
> >
> >
> >Forgive me if I suggest you are naive, but you must
> >understand the considerable difficulty in such
> >modelling. NO ONE has done it before, otherwise we
> >would see animotronic humans roaming the earth. Yes
> a
> >few people have simulated bipedal movement, see
> Russ
> >Smith PHD thesis on the Fox Controller. However
> >simulation of human bipedal movement is far in the
> >future I am affraid.
> >
> >I only say this in cautioning you to the complexity
> of
> >the problem you seem eager to undertake.
> >  
> >
> Not as far in the future as you think.  See the PhD
> thesis of Jerry 
> Pratt from MIT who has successfully created a "2D"
> walking kneed and 
> ankled robot and simulated a 3D version, both of
> which have extremely 
> natural looking gaits.  Based on some of his ideas,
> I myself have 
> created a stochastic walking controller for a 2D
> kneed biped using ODE 
> and am currently working to extend it to an ankled
> model.
> The problem of determining forces based on mocap
> data has been recently 
> published about at SIGGRAPH 2005, see 
>  They 
> use a Lagragian dynamics formulation which allows
> them to easily infer 
> the external forces.  I've spoken with one of the
> authors about this 
> problem (as it's something I've looked into) and was
> told that they were 
> forced to write their own kinematic procecssing of
> the raw mocap data 
> because the kinematics output from the Vicon system
> induced a lot of 
> noise in the computed forces.  It is not a trivial
> thing but it has been 
> done.  However, a simulator like ODE will generally
> be of no help.
> Regards,
> Marcus
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