[ODE] Scientific modelling of a runner

Manohar B.S sciphilog at yahoo.com
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Interesting research.
What I understood from your brief explanation is that
you have key-frame data of a real human motion and you
want to enforce that on the jointed-rigid-body system.

I think you need to model the joints as a combination
of ode joints to get the right effect (ex: shoulder
and hand). These joints then have to be

The masses and the tensor also has to match the
approximately that of human (in proportions, but close
to 1.0 as some mean).

I think it is worth exploring ODE for your research.

Good luck!

Manohar B. Srikanth

--- Martin Baeker <martin.baeker at tu-bs.de> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am currently doing some research on the
> biomechanics of
> running. Specially, I am looking for a tool which
> allows to input
> several "snapshots" from a motion capture and to get
> as an output the
> necessary forces to drive this motion. From what I
> read in the manual,
> I suspect this is possible with ODE.
> My basic question therefore is, whether ODE is a
> good choice for this
> kind of calculations. Is it possible to get at the
> reaction forces
> needed to produce a constrained movement? Are there
> any simple test
> programs I could look at to see how this might be
> done?
> Thanks for any help,
> Martin.
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