[ODE] wobbling hinged door

Martijn Buijs buijs512 at planet.nl
Wed Sep 21 12:20:08 MST 2005

Thanks for the info/suggestions everyone. :-)

I managed to fix the behaviour by lowering the mass of the door, it stops it from wobbling but 
behaves improperly (to light) when the door is pushed, or when it is broken off the hinge by a 
player. I worked around that by setting a much lower (hardcoded) mass for objects at the point where 
they are attached to a hinge. When the door breaks loose the real mass is copied back again to make 
it behave as a heavy door again. I put extra drag on the door when its still attached, so it still 
feels heavy when interacting. This drag can be configured by the artist so theres still complete 
control over the behaviour.



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