[ODE] First person shooter - falling over

Dan danfrith at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 20:11:02 MST 2005

Thanks. It nearly works. There is still a slight sliding down hills.
Any idea what can be done about this?

The strange thing is if I set the player as a box, it still slides,
but non player boxes (same weight, size) which aren't having their
rotation/angularvel/torque reset do not slide.

On 9/17/05, Megan Fox <shalinor at gmail.com> wrote:
> You can SetQuaternion the body to upright every frame, as well as
> zero'ing out any angular velocities or torques, and it will work
> fairly well.  You also SetQuaternion() the body to the desired
> rotation, based on user input/etc (all upright, but probably rotating
> around the Y axis or similar).
> This method will cause problems if 1.) your body is not rotationally
> symetrical about the "up" axis (that is, you have a limb poking out
> instead of a smooth surface), or 2.) you have limbs attached to the
> entity.
> But, for most games, neither of these are a problem.
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