[ODE] wobbling hinged door

SJS ode at pulsecode.net
Sat Sep 17 09:24:56 MST 2005

I believe the 2-hinge solution should be avoided-- redundant or conflicting
joint equations make ODE (and other physics sims) go crazy.

Make sure there isn't a conflicting contact or joint being generated (this
usually makes things go quite crazy, but if it's something that only
conflicts a little you might just see some strange behavior).

Make sure your mass values are reasonable ratios (door being really heavy or
really light might make it act strange).  You might want to check that the
door has a reasonable inertia tensor as well.

Try making attachment point of the hinge at different places on the door
(top corner, center, or bottom corner).  I don't recall offhand where I
aligned my door hinges, but I found that using a single hinge was stable.


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> Hi,
> In my simulation I have a door, with a single hinge which is
> aligned vertically. However, when
> another object hits the door spins like expected, but as it slows
> down it begins to wobble
> increasingly. Ground/wall clearance isn't the problem, in fact
> increasing the spacing only makes it
> worse. Decreasing the clearance doesn't fix the problem entirely either.
> . . .

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