[ODE] wobbling hinged door

Martijn Buijs buijs512 at planet.nl
Sat Sep 17 16:52:10 MST 2005

Vast wrote:
 > Real doors technically have 2 hinges.. I dont see anything hacky about it.
 > Tim

True, but the hinge joints in ODE aren't real world hinges, and have an infinite long axis around 
which the body/bodies rotate, right?

What I meant with 'hacky' is that, imho, one hinge should be able to do the job theoretically.

To get to the second point of my question, I would like to know whether it is possible to set the 
ERP values for individual joints, and if so, would I be able to solve the problem with that?



>     Hi,
>     In my simulation I have a door, with a single hinge which is aligned
>     vertically. However, when
>     another object hits the door spins like expected, but as it slows
>     down it begins to wobble
>     increasingly. Ground/wall clearance isn't the problem, in fact
>     increasing the spacing only makes it
>     worse. Decreasing the clearance doesn't fix the problem entirely
>     either.
>     I've thought about fixing this by resetting the body rotation (only
>     the 'fixed' axii) after the
>     simulation step, but isn't it possible to let the joint error
>     correction mechanism take care of
>     this? How can I do this without changing the world ERP/CFM and thus
>     affecting the way other objects
>     behave (I only want it to apply to the hinge joints)? The
>     documentation mentions that these
>     parameters can be set for joints individually at some point, but I
>     haven't been able to find out how
>     exactly.
>     I've also read that adding a second hinge could solve the problem,
>     but it sounds a bit hacky to me,
>     and might cause other problems in my case.
>     Thanks,
>     Martijn

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